SHP Day Time Face Cream - BB effect, SPF 30+

SHP Day Time Face Cream - BB effect, SPF 30+

SKU: 602001

Patented formula.

New and very unique face cream with SPF 30+ and a BB effect. Skin Halo Protector Day Time Face Cream protects from harmful environment as well as hydrates facial skin, intensively restors, restors collagen and elastin and tightens the skin using the most effective techniques developed by Clinic Lenom. 

SHP Day Time Face Cream contains unique Dunaliella, Archeabacterium, oils of myrrh, jojoba, oils of pomegrante seeds, sunflower and extract of astragalus

Tip: Some skin tones may vary. You can lighten the cream by combining it with Halo Dynamic Cream for a lighter color. 

1.7 fl. oz./50 ml



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