Halo Newseen

Halo Newseen

SKU: 213001

Halo Newseen is the perfect solution to overcome stressful situations, reduce stress and calm the nervous system

Halo Newseen contains a unique and high quality mixture of herbs, minerals, Chlorophyll and essential fatty acids, to support and refresh your body and general feeling. It contains Scutellaria lateriflora which is a Native American perennial herb of the mint family Lamiaceae. It is used in herbal medicine as mild sedative and sleep promoter. Halo Newseen is a great choice if you want to remain calm and stress free.

60 capsules


Key ingredients:

Dead Sea salt, Scutellaria, Passiflora, Melissa, Hops.


This product is a dietary supplement and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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