Dr. Nona’s bath salts give the effect of a dip in the Dead Sea and provide a combination of treatment for the body and soul.

Our bath salts are rich in minerals and aromatic oils that soothe your skin and give you a feeling of relaxation.

Dr. Nona’s bath salts also help treating viral illnesses and various skin conditions.


Each package contains 4 individual bottles:

Chamomile – purifies the soul and lifts the mood up.

Ylang Ylang– invigorates, and acts as a natural antidepressant.

Rosemary – releases stress from muscles and eases insomnia.

Lavender – excellent for aching muscles and joint pains.

40 fl.oz./1200 g (each bottle has 10 fl.oz./300 g)


Tip: A relaxing bath (36.5°C water temperature) with two spoons (1/4 of teaspoon of each salt) of our Halo Bath Salts Quartet will enrich your body with Dead Sea minerals, reduce fatigue and put you in a better mood.


Halo Bath Salts Quartet

SKU: 451001
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