Dr. Nona leads the international operations of the Dr. Nona brand which was founded in 1994 in Israel , and also serves as a member of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences and the Academy of Technological and Social Studies in New York. She has written more than 60 science articles in addition to nine novels, and was awarded the 2000 Israeli Woman of the Year award in recognition of her medical contributions.

Dr. Nona discovered the life force within herself during her rough times and that has inspired her to establish the Dr. Nona Company vision, based on the Halo Complex™ formula she had developed. Today, more than two decades later, millions of people worldwide enjoy the company products.


We all admire progress, but when it comes to our bodies, we all want to turn back the clock. Advanced technological solutions have been devised to meet that desire, but only a combination of technology and nature’s healing properties can provide us with the quality of life we long for.

Her quest for a healthy and useful solution for skin regeneration has led to her discovery of an incredible life force at the bottom of the Dead Sea: the Archaebacteria. Thanks to its unique physical form, which is based on exceptional pools of protein, amino fluids and antioxidants, the Archaebacteria thrives in the impossibly inhospitable living conditions of the Dead Sea.

The Halo Complex™ formula developed by Dr. Nona allows us to harness the Archaebacteria’s power to generate genuine changes in your body. By extracting the Archaebacteria’s natural attributes and combining them with the Dead Sea’s well-documented and researched healing abilities, Dr. Nona has been able to create innovative products with unprecedented anti-aging attributes.






All of Dr. Nona International’s products are developed and produced in the innovative Lenom Clinic in Isreal. Dozens of scientists, engineers, formulators and technology experts, all with vast experience in the medical and cosmetics fields, work tirelessly in Lenom Clinic’s six departments. The research and development are undertaken with the most advanced equipment currently available, and in full accordance with the strict ISO 9001 and ISO GMP quality standards.





Two decades after she began, the Halo Complex™ has changed the lives of millions around the world, who now enjoy a slower aging process and a younger look. Dr. Nona International remains faithful to its original vision. Even after having become an international brand, Dr. Nona’s belief in nature’s authentic intelligence, combined with the company’s constant creativity, insistence on unwavering quality and desire to improve the quality of life of millions of customers.

We invite you to discover our new generation of Dead Sea products and start living an ageless life. Our product lines provide you an overall solution to improve your life quality, increase your vitality, protect your body and preserve a youthful look.

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